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How to Add NIP-05 Validation to Your Own Site

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Own your own domain or have a site you already run?

Validate you own that domain by using NIP-05 validation.

It is easy to add to your site if you have FTP, SFTP, or SSH access. You can also add if have brrowser based uploading.

Simply make a file called nostr.json

Add your username on nostr and your npub key converted to hex (can convert here)

The below example is from

The first entry can be used to not stipulate a user but the domain itself. If do not need can exclude.

Relays section tells client relays where to look for your user information and notes. Can add additional ones if needed.

  "names": {
    "_": "d2704392769c20d67a153fa77a8557ab071ef27aafc29cf6b46faf582e0595f2",
    "relayable": "d2704392769c20d67a153fa77a8557ab071ef27aafc29cf6b46faf582e0595f2",
    "jascha": "2479739594ed5802a96703e5a870b515d986982474a71feae180e8ecffa302c6",
    "toracle": "c87fba90db1bb81b7156fbfaf92bb9dc38f5f84c1a33dc1272250052e4fcb5d7"
  "relays": {
    "d2704392769c20d67a153fa77a8557ab071ef27aafc29cf6b46faf582e0595": ["wss://"]

Once you have the nostr.json file make a directory in the root of your site called .well-known. If you use LetsEncrypt for SSL you may already have that directory.

Add your nostr.json file to .well-known directory

You should now be able to add your NIP-05 address to your nostr client and see it validated. If have any issues may need to check the permissions on the folder/file. Or check the json is valid.

If you have friends and family who join nostr you can easily add them to the list!